For the realization of its operational projects ITALSEC adopts a chain of command and control of vertical structure, with highly specialized working environments and coordination tables that express the synthesis of each professional ability, with the aim of pursuing the established objective.

For the performance of its services ITALSEC guarantees the use of:

  • Personnel selected from time to time, for psycho-physical conditions and professional qualities, according to the specific task to be fulfilled;
  • cutting-edge technologies for the realization of the identified aims.

    The staff employed for ITALSEC services comnposed of a wide range of professionals, from which operators can draw from time to time the specific skills required.

ITALSEC also provides:

  • To the development of evaluation processes to be carried out by personnel then dedicated to security services;
  • the structuring of training, updating and standardization periods;
  • activities aimed at guaranteeing a gradient of high quality and of certain satisfaction.