ITALSEC has the purpose, in Italy and abroad, to carry out the following activities, in compliance with the regulations and with the authorizations required by the laws of the respective countries:

  • supervision, custody and security;
  • handling and custody of values, documents, envelopes;
  • Ant anti-shoplifting services;
  • management of public and private buildings;
  • vigilance on the ground and on board trains, aircraft, ships, boats and / or other means of transport of any kind and type, as well as at railway stations, airports and ports;
  • investigation of information and research on behalf of third parties;
  • engineering for active and passive safety systems;
  • consultancy for risk assessment and management;
  • the promotion, management and management of professional security training courses;
  • exercise of remote warning services, remote control on plants at risk also of pollution;
  • research services for people and emergency services for people;
  • the design and construction of works and safety installations;
  • operation of services and equipment for satellite radio tracking for the control of vehicles throughout the national and international territory;
  • people transport services;
  • advice on safety and in particular analysis and design of integrated security systems;