ITALSEC "is an Italian Security and Investigation Company, part of Renco Group spa, based in the city of Pesaro. Company established in 2017, registered in a Register of Company of Pesaro and Urbino, with  n°02643220417. Equipped with a license to conduct security activities on the entire national territory, it is also involvedin the broader international context by providing its service, in compliance with the legislation of each host country,to companies with interests in Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia, always guaranteeing a standard and high quality product.





The needs of "Security" can be macroscopically identified and divided between those concerning companies and those expressed by individuals.

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Services to Companies

Dedicated to work environments

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Services for Individuals

Dedicated to the needs of individuals, families, residential environments.

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ITALSEC - Open Source intelligence


ITALSEC by its Analysts operators provides Osint digital investigations to public and private.



ITALSEC - Mozambique Pemba Bulk Terminal

From November 2019 ITALSEC Mozambique LDA starts to provide its Security Services in Pemba Bulk Terminal "Pbt Jetty".